Pizza Press Hits the Stands

Dominique Deed

Staff Writer


Come print and press your own pizza at the new vintage themed restaurant which opened Saturday Sept. 12. We were blessed with two tickets as invitations to their “Thank You Fullerton” event, held on Sept. 10 to not only thank the community leaders who helped with the bringing up of this building but also reach out to the students in this area.

The Pizza Press is located right by the 57 freeway and the Habit Grill. This unique build-your-own pizza is ready to bring a different twist to many of your build your own creations around this area. Not only does this specific chain offer affordable crafted beers if you are looking for a good drink, but they also offer the perfect place to sit and catch up on some homework while enjoying a freshly topped pizza, as well as unique deserts which are in the making. “We do not expect customers to come specifically looking for deserts but we are ready to playfully put together some unexpected twist on classic favorites” said The Pizza Press’ Store owner.

During my visit I chose to make my own pizza, with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, bacon and spinach. Taking my first bite of that pizza, made my mouth water. The toppings were all fresh regardless of going through their conveyor oven. The crust on the pizza was soft yet toasted but still not burnt to a crisp. What was even more interesting was how our pizza’s were served to us on a hand held cutting board, which restaurant owners have decided to keep as a nice touch.

This industrialized hang out spot is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, whether in between classes or after a long day at school. They will be providing free wifi, along with many outlets for phones or laptops, and also will possibly be offering student discounts. This is a place I would recommend paying a visit to at least once a week if not more, to relax your mind and feed your appetite.