“The Intern” Works to Start Conversations

Alyssa Heftman



Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro co-star in “The Intern” which is surprisingly proportionate to the beloved character of Carl Fredricksen in the Disney Pixar movie “Up” combined with the makeover Andy Sachs gets in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

This romantic comedy is far from the chick flick movie that I expected it to be. De Niro plays a 70 year old widow, Ben Whittaker, who is in desperate need to find something to get out of bed for everyday. He finds a senior internship to keep him busy at a successful new fashion ecommerce business called About the Fit created by founder Jules Ostin played by Hathaway. Not until they start working together do they find out that they needed each other to return to their previous passions.

Complex topics of women in the work place, masculinity, and the fear of dying alone were prominent throughout the film. While they posed many different attempts to start the conversation about these issues, they seemed like a great balance between the comedic scenes, giving the film more depth.

Other than a few weak attempts to get the audience to laugh, the film was incredibly funny. The most comical jokes sprinkled throughout the film was the comment on the generational gap between the senior interns and the young 20 something year olds that work together in the office. There were also jokes about fashion trends, communicating with technology, and dating were constant throughout the plot and lightened the mood in between the serious scenes of the movie.

What was disappointing about the film was that I did not come to a general conclusion about the lives of each character. The film draws conclusions on a big decision that poses as a main conflict in the film, but I did not have any closure with the problems it posed.

This movie is a great afternoon spent with friends. Although there are some touching and sad moments, overall, this movie is worth seeing before it comes out on DVD. This is not a family movie, but is very versatile for adult ages 18-75 years old.