Pumpkin pie fix Only a Walk Away

Dominique Deed

Staff Writer

During this time of year we all get that itch for a pumpkin anything.  I am not talking about the cliché Pumpkin Spice, but the different foods and drinks that will soothe that craving this season. There are many places around campus that offers pumpkin flavored treats, yet not all of them are the best for your taste buds or stomach.

The first place I visited looking for a new pumpkin revelation was Inside Skup, the ice cream place open by University House, next to Waba Grill. I ordered the Pumpkin Ice Cream, sandwiched between two delicious cookies, a soft sugar cookie and a triple chocolate chunk cookie. The first taste of the Pumpkin Ice Cream was overwhelming with spice. The flavoring would have been a lot more bearable if there were fewer spices mixed in. Also, mixing the cookies with the ice cream was too sweet for my taste, but the cookies alone were great.

85 Degrees was not the best place to get your pumpkin fix. Their Mango Pumpkin Pie was a lot more mango on the top and a lot less pumpkin throughout. The appearance itself was beautiful, but the taste was confusing, especially when reaching the crust, which unexpectedly had hints of coconut.

The next location was scary. Burger King had a dirty atmosphere and I waited forever until I finally received my Pumpkin Oreo Shake. The first thing that scared me was the color, which was not even close to a pumpkin orange. The taste was not unbearable, but it had a thick texture that seemed to crawl down my throat. Overall if I had it my way, it would not be at Burger King.

I have to say the next two places were closely tied for second place, Panera’s Pumpkin Bagel and Yogurtland’s Pumpkin flavored yogurt. Both had just enough of a tasty pumpkin flavoring, but left an odd aftertaste.

Without a doubt the place I recommend to get the perfect pumpkin fix is Wildflour Cupcakes, just behind Chipotle. Not only was their customer service awesome, but their cupcakes were also creatively decorated. The Pumpkin Cupcake with the Cream Cheese frosting was exactly what I was looking for: the spices were perfect, not too strong at all. The Cream Cheese frosting was the perfect top to this delectable cupcake. If you want the perfect pumpkin fix head over to Wildflour Cupcakes.