Proposition Breakdown

  • Prop 53 – Revenue Bonds Statewide voter approval Initiative Constitutional Amendment

This proposition would require any revenue bonds sold by the state above $2 billion to be voted upon statewide. If you vote YES you are agreeing to the state getting voter approval first before state revenue bonds $2 billion or more go towards any funded project.  If you vote NO you are okay with state revenue bonds to continue to be used without voter approval.

  • Prop 54- Legislature Legislation and Proceedings Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute

This proposition will require Legislature to publish any bill online first before passing it. This includes recording annual legislative meetings and making videos of the meetings available on the internet. A YES vote will allow all bills or changes to a bill made accessible online for at least 72 hours before voting. A NO vote will mean that nothing will be changed.

  • Prop 55- Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare Initiative Constitutional Amendment

There was a temporary personal income tax increase in 2012 earning $250,000 worth of revenue adding K- 12 schools, California Colleges and healthcare. This bill is to allow the tax increase to gather state revenue for schools, community colleges, healthcare for low-income people, budget reserves and debt payment as it extends to to 2030 instead of ending in 2018.  A YES vote would mean you want this tax increase to continue onto 2030. A NO would mean you would like for this tax increase to end in 2018 like scheduled.

  • Prop 57- Criminal Sentences Parole Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute

This proposition will allow parole for nonviolent felons and authorizes sentence credits for rehabilitation, good behavior, and education as well as letting juvenile court judges decide wither juveniles will be prosecuted as adults. If you vote YES you are agreeing to let certain state prison inmates convicted of nonviolent felony offenses to be considered for release earlier than otherwise. If you vote NO you do not want any changes to be made.

  • Prop 60- Adult Films Condoms Health Requirements Initiative Statute

If you vote YES adult films productions must have certain health regulations when filming such as: vaccinations, testing, medical examinations, and protection. If you vote NO adult films in California will continue as is.

  • Prop 66- Death Penalty Procedures Initiative Statute

This proposition is for changes to be made in the procedures on governing state court death sentences. The changes would be appointing attorneys who take noncapital appeals to accept death penalty appeals, and allow designated superior courts to initiate petitions and limit them.  A YES vote would mean you would like to see changes in court procedures for the legal death charges. A NO vote would mean you would be no changes to the state’s current court procedures.