California Laws enacted in 2017 to be Aware of and Follow

Dana Petersen
Copy Editor

Minimum Wage: SB 0003 raises minimum wage to $10.50 per hour. However, for companies that have 25 employees or less that will not be effective until 2018.
Hands Free Driving: AB 1785 a cellphone or other device cannot be held but must be operated with a single motion or tap of a finger in order to use the voice or hands free options the device provides. The device is allowed to be mounted on the dashboard or windshield like a GPS. If violated the base fine will be $20.
Sex Offenses: SB 813 removes the statute of limitations for sex offense cases for new offenses. Prior cases have to be prosecuted within 10 years, or if a minor before the 40th birthday of the victim. AB 701 extends the definition of rape to include any form of non-consensual assault. SB 2888 creates a mandatory prison sentence for those who commit rape, sodomy, etc. if the victim was unable to give consent due to being unconscious or intoxicated.
You can take a selfie with your ballot: AB 1494 makes it legal to take photos of a ballot showing who the photo taker has voted for. SB 450 voters can return ballots at any election office within their state rather than just their county.
Experimental Drug Treatment: AB 1668 allows patients who have used up all other options to pursue the use of drugs that have not been fully approved by the FDA.
Equal Pay: SB1063 is an amendment to the Labor code ends pay differences based on race when before it was based on gender alone. AB 1676 makes it illegal for businesses to lower their pay when hiring on women based on the woman’s previous salary. This means it is illegal for a business to purposely lower their initial pay for a position after finding out the previous salary of a person being hired on.
Gender Neutral Bathrooms: AB1732 requires single-stall bathrooms to be designated as gender neutral by Wednesday, March 1.