Campus Safety Updates Students

Campus Safety is warning students against leaving cars unlocked as there has been a few recorded break-ins over winter break. Parking continues to be an issue as Campus Safety works on encouraging students to break old patterns.
“We are going to emphasize parking again we have to work on a few things, people parking where they are not supposed to trying to get people moving away from old habits,” said Abigail Fox, Campus Safety Officer.
The safety team is reminding students to keep cars locked and parking properly, but also staying safe on campus. If a student is feeling scared about walking to or from their car for any given reason it is suggested that they call Campus Safety Officers to escort them. If Campus Safety does not answer it is due to having one phone which can get backed up with calls. It is suggested to wait a few minutes and call again. In case of an emergency and Campus Safety does not answer, call 911.
—Niza Metoyer, A&E Editor