Planners Provide Creative Organization

2017 brings new goals, and with goals, planners to stay organized and on track.

Planners: HIU provides planners to students for free. There are also more specialized ones with weekly outlooks, hours of the day, goals, etc. available at bookstores or Target. Some planners have a cult-like following, cost approximately $25-$50, and can only be bought Online. I personally prefer planners that break the week down by date and time like the Ink and Volt Planner which runs for $30.

Bullet Journaling: Unlike planners, these journals require the user to create the planner themselves. It involves a series of dots on a page lined up like graph paper would be, but without the lines. It provides flexibility and creativity for those who want to create something themselves, but can be demanding of time.

Planning Apps: One of the top apps is the Planner Pro. Although free, certain features within the full version, like seeing the weekly Outlook calendar and creating projects with subtasks, is $4.99 a year. It provides events, notes, and tasks for planning.

To-Do List Apps: For those who solely need a place to put their to-do list electronically, Wunderlist and Asana are my top recommendations. Both are free and available on mobile and on desktop. Asana is used for businesses as it can have up to 15 people to collaborate on tasks.

Your Phone’s Calendar: The best free app is what already comes on your phone. The only downfall is the inability to create tasks, but that can be compensated with reminders and scheduling time to work on tasks or using your notes app.

Tips and Tricks: Planning and keeping organized is always appealing. However, it takes time and a willingness to experiment to find ways that works best for you. Color coding and prioritizing can help keep things organized, but the best advice is taking the time to schedule to plan each week.