Student Government Making Changes

Celia Navejas

Staff Writer

    ASB and SA are looking into merging sometime in the near future. Tommy Garcia, ASB President, has been working with Mark Comeaux, Vice President for Student Affairs, and President John Derry in changing the ASB constitution so that the merge is possible as well as changing some policies on rolls that will be established within this new student government.

    The vision for this combined student body government will have a total of eight members. The new name for this Senate would be called SGA, Student Government Association.

    “The real prompt is having an ASB that really want to be successful and a Student Activities that really wants to be successful,” said Matt Sanger, Director of Student Activities and Committee Outreach, “Both groups [are] seeing ways they can be better and more effective, coming out with what [they] can do to improve the student government, to figure out how to improve the school itself and how they can have more of an impact.”

      The positions that are being discussed and might take place are President, Vice President, Event Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Multicultural Senator, Communications Senator, Spiritual Senator, and Community Involvement Senator. In order to enact this merge Garcia is working on changing the constitution and passing it through Comeaux, and Derry. Once it is analyzed and possibly approved by administration students will have an opportunity to vote on it.

        “I kind of saw the system the way as it was and didn’t think it was working very well,” said Tommy Garcia, ASB president, “People really didn’t have assigned jobs there weren’t a lot of responsibilities, so in order to fix that we negotiated a raise in scholarship to give us more of an incentive to get the job done and make us feel more appreciated and wanted on campus and then combine both teams so there would be eight people for SGA.”

Further details are pending as the details of the merge are still being worked out with administration and Garcia.