Chapel Group Provides Feedback

Brittany Gonzales
Assistant Copy Editor

Those involved in Chapel are continually looking for new ways to make the experience better. They put together a focus group this year to help find the best speakers to reach the hearts of the students and meet their needs. The group focuses on the surveys students have taken, decides what fits best for the student needs, and also figures out the themes based off of the previous semester’s themes and what had the most impact.
Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministries, is not the only one involved in putting chapel together. The tech team is ran by Chuck Mitchell, Technical Director. Ariel Campos, Campus Ministries Assistant, helps run the behind the scenes to help chapel run smoothly.
Sands said that his role is summed up as the producer of Chapel.
“What that means is I’m responsible for everything,” Sands explained. “If the band is not on point if the speaker is not on point that’s going to start with me first.”
Starting last semester Sands met with students to get feedback and pick speakers based off of that. He also looks at books and speakers that are encouraging that he believes will help students. He enlists help from the focus group with this process. This is how they hope to find the speakers for next semester as well.
“The speakers and the themes all came from the students and the focus group,” Sands said. “Sometimes the students will come to me and I’ll ask around. Everything with Chapel, we want to hit the needs our students have and that changes year to year.”
Sands also disclosed that they will most likely be doing a survey to find who will be speaking for next semester.