Life Beats Hope in Final Seconds

Niza Metoyer
Arts & Entertainment Editor

HIU hosted the GSAC Tournament Championships against The Master’s University in a rough back and forth leading into double overtime. The men untimely failed with a lackluster defense in the final minutes 74-79.
After being trampled by the Mustangs the Royals went on to Kansas City, MO to battle Wiley College where they regained momentum with a 61-59 win. This win was short lived going into the second round against Life University where the men were defeated 78-80.
With a technical foul near the start of the game Liam Hunt, Center, found a permanent spot on the bench. Daniel Young, Center, and Kyle Hoag, Center, attempted to pick up the slack. With help from Devin Green, Guard, the men were able to take the lead but the moment was short lived.
The Royals returned home with one win in the NAIA National Championship and ended their season 13-3 in conference for the second year in a row.