50 Dates of Summer

  1. DIY movie streaming.
  2. Go on a hike.
  3. Go star gazing.
  4. Hit the beach.
  5. Go on an adventure, explore a new place.
  6. At home cooking lessons with YouTube.
  7. At home chopped competition.
  8. Concert in the park.
  9. Volunteer together.
  10. Go people watching in a busy place.
  11. Get dresses up and go on tours of fancy houses.
  12. Crash a wedding.
  13. Go ghost hunting.
  14. Make a blanket fort together.
  15. Play hide and seek, with snap chat.
  16. Go geocaching.
  17. Babysit or petsit together.
  18. Do a photoshoot together taking each other’s pictures.
  19. Sand castle building contest.
  20. Read a poem at an open mic night.
  21. Have a dinner of only Costco samples.
  22. Backyard camping.
  23. Go for a swim.
  24. Go to a taping of a show free tickets can be found at http://1iota.com.
  25. Empty the pantry picnic.
  26. Go site seeing in LA.
  27. Monday night music in LA The Echo, Satellite, Bootleg, and Silverlake lounge are free and within walking distance.
  28. Create a summer bucket list and try to cross everything off.
  29. Be a tourist in your home town.
  30. Workout together, try couples workouts online.
  31. Try to set a world record.
  32. Go rollerblading around town.
  33. Go fishing.
  34. Try to learn a foreign language together.
  35. Visit a flea market or explore local thrift stores.
  36. Have an origami war.
  37. Finish a puzzle together.
  38. Finish a game of monopoly.
  39. Get lost in Ikea.
  40. Get crafty together either at home or take free classes.
  41. One on one play a game against each other.
  42. Watch a movie in a different language without subtitle try to guess what they are saying.
  43. Got to the library get lost in the books.
  44. Sleep under the stars.
  45. Go for a walk.
  46. Visit a pet store.
  47. Go on a brewery tour.
  48. Free movie screening.
  49. Watch the sunset.
  50. Have a spa day at home.