Free Summer Dates to Fill Those Summer Nights

Niza Metoyer
Arts & Entertainment Editor

With summer right around the corner it is time to plan out how exactly we are going to spend those long summer nights with your significant other while on a student budget. Even with summer jobs dates can get expensive, but fear not there are plenty of free date’s options to over the summer.
The go to summer date is of course the beach date. Little is needed except time. With Sun, sand, and surf nothing can go wrong. Although a day trip to the beach is fun, the down side to this is it takes up a lot of time. When you only have a moment to spend try going for a swim or a walk. These simple ideas can be sort of long and give you time to spend with that special someone. These ideas are all somewhat traditional.
For a less traditional free date idea try heading to Los Angeles. On Monday night’s lounges and clubs like The Echo, Satellite, Bootleg, and Silverlake lounge are free. They commonly feature the newest underground bands, and even have some popular alumni stop by for impromptu shows. Many of these locations are within walking distance, when you get tired of one you can just head to the next.
Many shows that are taped in LA have a number of spots to fill in their audience. You can get into these shows free by going to this web site has you fill out how many tickets you want and why you want them. Their options very from movie premiers to late night talk shows, and talent competitions.
Summer is a time for new adventures and exploration that does not mean it needs to cost a lot. There are so many option to spend time with your significant other without breaking the bank. For more free date ideas check out top 50 list.