Senior Advice, Reach Out

Dana Petersen
Copy Editor

Yet another generation of students are soon leaving on to new adventures. The Hope International Tribune’s three seniors took the time to reflect on lessons learned through our experience while at HIU.
When you start at HIU there are more opportunities than meets the eye. At first it may seem daunting to find ways to get involved, but reach out and get help. Even if there may not be something you are specifically drawn to, HIU is flexible. You can create a club according to your interests and meet others like you. If you are stuck and need help, even if there is not a set program established, there will be a staff or faculty member who can give you advice. It is a matter of taking the time to make the most of your resources.
With all the options we have for getting involved with our community, it is easy to want to try everything. Settle to one to two extracurricular activities and stick with it. Do not stretch yourself thin, but instead immerse yourself into something that has meaning to you and that you connect well with. Even if you think the long list of extracurriculars may look good on a resume or put you in the running for a scholarship, remember your strengths and your limits.
Speaking of resumes, do not look too far ahead. You do not have to stress about the future right away, take things a step at a time. Enjoy the little moments and embrace the college experience before the real world comes crashing in.
Lastly, remember in times of stress that you are resilient and not alone. We are unique in how small our community is. From professors, student leaders, and classmates there is someone who is willing to listen and support you. College is a time where we are both broken down and built up. However, we are all in this together.
While a lot of these things may seem cliché, it can easily be forgotten in the flurry of papers and projects. This is only part of your story, and it is up to you to hold the pen.