“Uprising,” Proves a Good Sequel to Pacific Rim

George Henderson

Staff Writer

“Pacific Rim Uprising” is the sequel to 2013’s surprise hit “Pacific Rim” and once again we get more Giant Robot versus Giant monster action. The film picks up ten years after the events of the previous movie and follows the son of Stacker Pentacost, Jake, who helps combat the new looming threat. The film is a solid sci-fi action flick that is not without a few flaws.

First there is the good that makes this movie worth watching. Since the film takes place a full ten years after the original, it is cool seeing the advancements with the Jaeger tech and how more fluid the machines run. The robots this time around were awesome, and each provided their own gimmicks that made them stand out. There are also a handful of returning characters amongst the new faces that expand on the series continuity and provide some interesting twists.

Now the cons. Some of the expanded lore works well, while some does not. The film also takes a page out of “Iron Man 2” and saves its biggest action set pieces for the big finale. The quality of the film is not exactly on par with that of the first either, as a change of directors altered the overall look and tone. Overall the film does play out a bit like a Saturday morning cartoon. It is hard to top a director like Guillermo Del Toro but this does not make the film any less enjoyable.

Overall “Pacific Rim Uprising” is a solid sequel. Though not as good as the first, this one is still entertaining in its own right. I enjoyed this film a lot and I would recommend viewing the first on your local streaming service or grab a DVD copy before watching this sequel. That way you can fully understand the world the film has established and appreciate the material even more. See it.