Movies and Shows to Watch this Summer

“Isle of Dogs”

Those who are familiar with Wes Anderson films (“Grand Budapest Hotel”) know the extent to which he pays attention to style and detail. Every shot in his movies are eloquently composed, with every inch of the screen devoted to a nuanced visual appeal.

“Isle of Dogs” is no exception; the gorgeous stop-motion is whimsical and romantic. The movie is all about the wonderful, miraculous relationship between human and dog.

Other than a slightly dragging script that only contains two female characters (both of which have romantic storylines unnaturally thrust upon them), any fan of dogs is sure to enjoy this movie.

Christian Jordan Skinner, Staff Writer

“On My Block”

    “On My Block” is Netflix new hit show that is now being renewed for a second season. This particular comedy shows the life of four best friends that are just trying to succeed in their new high school in an LA South Central neighborhood.

The main protagonist is a teenage girl named Monse who considers herself a writer and was raised by her father, Ruby who thinks he has the world solved with his genius thoughts, Jamal a dork who is always afraid to do what people tell him to and Ceaser who is forced to be a part of the local gang named The Santos.

“On My Block” demonstrates the true reality of how gang violence is brought into children’s lives at a young age just because they have family members that are a part of the group.

If you like fun unexpected adventures that at the same time will make you laugh then this is the show for you.

Catalina Pantoja, Staff Writer

“The Quiet Place”

“The Quiet Place” utilizes American Sign Language (ASL) to intensify the movie. The story is about a family who is surviving in a land that has been taken over by monsters that are attracted to sounds. This drives the family into living in silence, forcing them to find a way to survive without a sound. It is well done, with a good use of ASL. It is definitely one that is worth seeing in theaters.

Brittany Gonzales, Assistant Section Editor

“Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay”

“Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay” is the latest release from DC Comic’s animated line up. Honestly, the film is solid. Just because it is animated does not mean that you take its content lightly.

With a complex plot, colorful characters, and plenty of action, the film is light-years ahead of anything live-action that DC has pumped into theaters recently. At a run time of about an hour and fifteen minutes, the animated film puts to shame any live action garbage Warner Brothers has been putting forth. See it in theaters.

George Henderson, Staff Writer


“Blockers” is a hilarious film where parents attempt to stop their children from having sex on prom night. Although this film has an all-star cast and a great plot, it was not quite worth watching in theaters. It was entertaining and portrayed a different side to the relationship between a teen and their parent.

Save your money and wait to stream it. It is worth watching, just not paying for the ticket.

Niza Metoyer, Editor-in-Chief