First Day MADLIB

Brooklyn Jespersen

Assistant Arts and Entertainment


My first day at Hope International University was _________. First, I got lost while looking for room _______.

Adjective                                                                     Number

Once I finally found my room, I was already _______ minutes late. The professor was discussing the death of


____________ when I walked in. Everyone in the class watched me as I ____________ to my seat. To make matters

Famous Person                                                                                                        Past-Tense Verb

worse, I tripped over a/an _______ and fell on my _________. The rest of the day went _________. I was _______

Noun                                  Body Part                                                  Adjective                 Emotion

when _______________ did not assign reading for the entire semester. However, I was _________ when

Professor’s Name                                                                                                                       Emotion

______________ gave ________, eight-page essays. Overall, my first day at Hope was __________ and I can’t wait

Professor’s Name             Number                                                                                                         Adjective

to see what the rest of the semester holds for me.