Enjoy Academic Success Through Stress Management

Madison R. Tassi
Assistant Copy Editor

As exciting as it can be, heading into a new school year can also be immensely stressful. It is disappointing that so much of what should be an exciting experience is distorted by the stress that comes with the responsibility of being a student. There are a couple of simple ways to manage that stress. First, it is important to learn to take the semester one day at a time. Looking at everything you are responsible for at a glance is a surefire way to stress yourself out.
Avoid focusing on that whole list. Rather, break that list down into smaller parts and examine it one day at a time. You will find that it will be less daunting and much easier to manage.
Next, you should learn what version of self-care works for you. It is easy to get caught up in responsibilities and forget to take care of yourself. Set aside time each week to do something that relaxes you, even if that time is only one or two hours participating in whatever activity that may be. Even this small amount of time will make it easier to return to your to-do list.