Fall Fashion: Start This Season off Fresh

 Outfit ideas for the fall season. Genesis Ruiz/ Photographer

Niza Metoyer

California weather makes transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall a little easier. Men and women both start to face the same issues as the weather cools off. Even if it is just a little, the key to surviving the weather transition is layers and an adaptable wardrobe.
Jean jackets never go out of style whether you are male or female. If your old go-to jean jacket is beginning to show its age, dress it up with some decorative and functional patches. Patches can be a cool way to fix torn fabric while adding your own unique personality to your favorite jacket. If you are a commuter, this is a great thing to toss in your car as a just in case. It will go with anything.
Commuters also have the option of maintaining a capsule wardrobe in their car. You may have a last minute date after class and do not have time to go home. Owning a capsule wardrobe that remains in the car is an easy fix for many situations. Many of the wardrobe suggestions below can be included in a capsule wardrobe. Check out how to create a capsule wardrobe for more information.
Women do not be afraid to rock that sun-dress in the fall. Adding leggings or tights and boots can easily change a summer dress into a fabulous fall outfit. High waisted jeans are also a must have. The mom jean style has made a comeback and has given us an easy way to jazz up even the most boring t-shirt. Add a big purse to your wardrobe as a school bag; it is easy, and makes your outfit look slightly more put together than a traditional backpack. This also gives you space to carry an extra cardigan or light jacket.
Plain t-shirts in neutral colors give men many easy options in the morning. You can never go wrong with a plain white T, cuff the sleeves and throw on some Chuck Taylors. It will look like you might have actually tried! Leave the cargo shorts at home; it is time to start dressing like an adult. Wrinkle resistant dress shirts exist, and give you an easier way to dress up a little without having to iron your clothes. Dark blue or black jeans look great with everything and hide stains. Swap out that old high school backpack for a leather or canvas messenger style bag to create a more thought-out look.
The amount of clothes is not what is important; it is the versatility of each item.
Keep your wardrobe small and interchangeable to make mornings a little easier. You do not have time to be searching through clothes for an outfit before your 8am class. Gather your favorite basics, the foundational wardrobe pieces you wear practically on a daily basis, and build from there.
College is an opportunity to start dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. Appearance and professionalism is important in today’s world. No matter what job you are aiming for your outfit choice reflects who you are whether you like it or not.