Bring Autumn to Cali With Your Décor

Kristi Lutz

Copy Editor


Love it or hate it, autumn has arrived. For those who love the season like I do, decorations are a must to fully immerse yourself in the festivities. I have nothing against store-bought decorations, but if any of you are fans of DIY (do it yourself) décor, then I have a fun craft for you. It will not quite capture the rich pumpkin smell, nor the crunchiness of leaves, nor the warmth of a latte, but it looks darn cute. The craft I am introducing is a fall leaves garland from materials you can find at your local dollar store.

First you need your leaves. Some stores sell a full bag of individual artificial leaves, and others will sell it in a long strand of vines. In the case of the vines, for this craft you will need to snip the leaves off of the vine to use them all individually. I suppose for full authenticity you could use real fallen leaves, but as the process of decay continues, the leaves may break down and fall off of the garland. It is also harder to decorate real leaves, as they will likely flake and fall apart when painted. For my craft, I ended up using (final #) individual leaves.

Once you have your leaves prepped and ready, we arrive at the optional stage of decorating. If you prefer the natural hue of an autumn leaf, you are free to leave them plain, but if not, you have the option of glitter. Purchase glitters in colors like brown, orange, and gold, and use a paintbrush to apply a coat of regular white glue to one of your leaves. Before the glue has dried, dump on a thick coat of any color glitter, ensuring that the whole leaf is covered. Let dry and shake off the excess. Repeat this step for all of your leaves. Definitely do this step in an outdoor setting, on a tile floor, or on a table or similar surface. Your carpet will not thank you if you shake festively-colored glitter into it.

Finally, measure out a length of brown or gold ribbon that is as long as you wish your garland to be. Also cut out several other ribbon pieces of varying lengths, each one being between a half a foot to a foot and a half long. Stretch out your long length of ribbon and tie on your varying-length strands from it, spacing them about six inches apart. Hole-punch the top of each of your leaves and tie the end of each ribbon to the punched holes. Using tape or any other adhesive method, hang up your garland anywhere you like, and you have a fantastic new piece of handmade autumn décor.