Cross Country Continues to Kick Asphalt

John Kay

Staff Writer


Men and women’s Cross Country continues to improve after a strong showing at the Master’s University Invitational in Santa Clarita on Saturday, Sept. 29. Joe Tobin, expressed the collective excitement of the team that is now ranked third within their conference.

The women’s team excelled at the Master’s Invitational by achieving personal best records for each runner.

“As an overall team, it helps us gain confidence not just for upcoming races, but even just for upcoming workouts and more pace-based runs,” said Tobin.

After breaking her leg on the very first race as an HIU student this past season, transfer student from Washington, Monica Smitha completed her first race with much excitement from her team to see her back in uniform.

“I think that’s probably the biggest thing we take away from this past race was just having one out teammates back in uniform and racing healthy,” Said Tobin.