Dance Welcomes Guest Choreographer

Brooklyn Jespersen

A & E Editor

Hope International’s dance team will be benefitting from professional dancer, Sharon Ramirez’s dance experience this week.

Ramirez has performed at multiple theme parks in California, and she performed for the Clippers Spirit, the dance team for the L.A. Clippers, for two seasons.

Dance Coach, Jennifer Maletto, said, “I am bringing Sharon in because she has a strong dance background both in education and in experience. Being on a professional dance team, she understands the hard work and dedication that is expected of the girls, and I know that she has a ton of knowledge and wisdom to share with them!”

Maletto explained that Ramirez will be teaching the dance team the choreography that will be used at selected men’s and women’s basketball games. The debut will take place Saturday, Nov. 3 at the men’s basketball game.

Maletto emphasizes that these opportunities are extremely important in other areas too.

“The skills that they learn from being in the dance room, being on a team, and learning from inspiring teachers can also be used outside of the dance room!” said Maletto.

Ramirez will be in the dance/aerobic room on Tuesday, Sept. 18 and Thursday, Sept. 20.