Dressing Up For the Gym

George Henderson

Senior Staff Writer

DISCLAMER:  This list is mainly satire, and frankly you can wear whatever you want if you go to the gym. There are just a few things that are more practical than others.


  1. Jeans: I get it, you are pressed for time and/or on a lunch break and are looking to get a quick lift in. But no…let your legs breathe. And you certainly can’t train your legs properly in a pair of easy to rip jeans.
  2. Socks/Sandals: How much do you value your toes? If you do (especially your big toe) then put some shoes on and protect your feet. You do not want a weight of any kind falling on your toes. And sandals are a great way to twist an ankle if you’re going to be doing leg workouts of any kind.
  3. Bicycle Shorts: These are sometimes seen on a gym floor…but nobody wants to see that. Nuff said.



  1. Jewelry: This one comes down to being practical. A bracelet or wedding ring, fine. But anything over the top become more of an inconvenience. There is no need to get sweat on any piece of jewelry you may own. Just put it back on once your time at the gym is finished.
  2. Regular Shoes: I hope this part makes sense, but have a pair of shoes designated for the gym lying around. I know some women get criticism for having too many shoes, but it is always okay to have gym shoes. This comes in handy since a lot of popular workout routines revolve around the lower body so you want to have as much ankle and foot arch support as possible. If you have to add an extra pair of shoes to your collection do it, avoid the mistake many men make by wearing the same pair of shoes at the gym that they do in public (which is why my feet smell).
  3. Make Up: I know make up is essential to some. But at a gym it is not always necessary. Everyone there is already kind of smelly and not looking their best for the hour or two they are there, so you can always save the make up application for after.