Self-Care Combats Stress

Kristi Lutz

Copy Editor

Self-care: the heavily used phrase of our modern era. But it can be applied to anything from neglecting responsibilities to take a nap, to taking a Hawaiian vacation, but I would like to suggest the ways I feel self-care can apply to the college life.

Stress takes over quickly and without warning, and it is easy to neglect yourself in the midst of academic and personal commitments. The dynamic duo of self-care items that improve your overall health are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. These two seem like a given, but busy adults often do not make time to fit these in.

Beyond these, self-care is scheduling time for yourself a few times a week or more, depending on your needs. This time can be filled by taking up a hobby like a relaxing craft or reading a book, or even a mindless de-stressing time to watch TV or simply doing nothing. Doing nothing can seem like a total waste to a workaholic, but it can be a delightful thing, as it allows your mind to take a break. Invest in a face mask, either a clay or mud one or a sheet mask and listen to some relaxing music.

Life is short– do not wear yourself out.