Supernatural Presences Dorm at HIU

Kristi Lutz

Copy Editor


Residents of the Hope International University Alpha or Omega dorms beware. Throughout the year and in years prior, unusual and supernatural occurrences have been reported. These instances range from minor nuisances to legitimately frightening happenings.

Omega residents Hannah Larson and Viviana Rangel have reported multiple instances of objects in their room moving without any contact and lights turning off with no one touching them. Larson also reported that ever since she moved into the dorms she started having terrible sleep paralysis, which has caused visions of shadows that are not really there.

While working as an R.A. this past summer, Vivian Torres dealt with a number of frightening things in her third floor dorm room. On her first night, she woke up to the sound of her shower being turned on. She got up and turned it off, and about 20 minutes later, it turned itself on again. This back and forth occurred three times that night. She added, “On the same night, my toilet would flush by itself. If the shower wasn’t on, the toilet would flush.”

She continued to deal with these strange occurrences and none of her siblings believed her, but one night her sister stayed with her. She woke up to the sensation of something grabbing her legs. Torres’ sister said that it was like two hands had grabbed her under the knee. As she began to fall asleep, it happened to her again. She kicked her legs and got up to look under her sister’s bed, but nothing was there. The next morning, her sister told her everything. Torres comments, “I told her that I wasn’t lying, and now she believes me.”