Get Informed on Big Cat Rights

Kristi Lutz Assistant Copy Editor     Many are not aware of the present mistreatment of big cats, like lions, tigers, cougars, and others, by zoos and private owners.     Currently in California it is illegal to own a big cat as a pet, the regulation for zoos’ enclosures requires 1,200 square feet for two compatible big cats, […]

Movies and Shows to Watch this Summer

“Isle of Dogs” Those who are familiar with Wes Anderson films (“Grand Budapest Hotel”) know the extent to which he pays attention to style and detail. Every shot in his movies are eloquently composed, with every inch of the screen devoted to a nuanced visual appeal. “Isle of Dogs” is no exception; the gorgeous stop-motion […]

Track Takes on GSAC

Brittany Gonzales Assistant Section Editor The Royals started the GSAC Champions Tuesday, April 26, and had their second GSAC Championship Friday, April 27. The team did not earn a team score on the first GSAC meet however the second one they came in seventh place out of seven. The Royals had four athletes earn All-GSAC […]

Senior Season Comes to a Close

Catalina Pantoja Staff Writer     This weekend men’s golf got ready to compete at their last tournament for their spring season. Their last tournament was the GSAC Championship at Arizona Christian University hosted by Wigwam Country Club. However, this event is hosted for two days Sunday, April 29, and finals are Tuesday, May 1.     “Well it […]

Royals hit the GSAC Championships at Full Force

Kristi Lutz Assistant Copy Editor Softball has ended their regular season, winning their final game Saturday, April 21, against Vanguard University 4-2, and finishing with an overall score of 43-9. Today marks the final day of their three-day GSAC Tournament hosted at Vanguard University. Their first day, they lost against Menlo College but redeemed themselves […]

The Qualifications of A Sport

Niza Metoyer Editor-In-Chief There has always been a debate concerning what makes something a sport. Cheer and dance had at one point been considered boarder line with some people agreeing that it is a sport and other saying it is not. Currently the debate has turned towards ESports and Competitive Gaming, the competition aspect may […]