Saving Secrets Revealed

Flex Dollars: If you have over five meals on your plan, you get an extra $100 on your card. This means you have extra money for food at the HUB, and with those prices that money comes in handy.   Amazon Prime: As a student you get a discount on Amazon Prime. This comes in […]

Dressing Up For the Gym

George Henderson Senior Staff Writer DISCLAMER:  This list is mainly satire, and frankly you can wear whatever you want if you go to the gym. There are just a few things that are more practical than others. Men: Jeans: I get it, you are pressed for time and/or on a lunch break and are looking […]

Ways Coupons Save Cash

Madison R. Tassi Assistant Copy Editor Download the apps. Many stores have them, like Target’s Cartwheel app, which shows in-store deals to be applied when checking out. Other stores have apps that are not necessarily for couponing but do provide a point system that leads to deals the more you shop. See if the places […]

Self-Care Combats Stress

Kristi Lutz Copy Editor Self-care: the heavily used phrase of our modern era. But it can be applied to anything from neglecting responsibilities to take a nap, to taking a Hawaiian vacation, but I would like to suggest the ways I feel self-care can apply to the college life. Stress takes over quickly and without […]