Older Students Provide Perspective

Matthew Bernard Staff Writer       My collegiate journey was not drawn by the path of a straightened arrow. It was no surprise to me that I would begin my time at a university at an older age, but, I certainly did not foresee that I would be nearly 30. By the time I stepped onto […]

Royals Need a Parking Lesson

Jordan Skinner Opinion Editor One of the nicer things about being a part of a small community like HIU is that we can all, for the most part, bond over the same things. The food in the cafeteria sometimes sucks, parking can be awful, you constantly have to say hi to people as you walk […]

Change Continues to Inspire Growth

Niza Metoyer Editor-in-Chief Every new school year marks big change. Whether you are just entering college or about to graduate, this change if allowed leads to great growth. I enter my second year as Editor-in-Chief of The Hope International Tribune and my senior year of college while introducing a new advisor. Welcoming Shannon Bates to […]

Freedom of Speech Stops Where Hate Begins

Jordan Skinner Opinion Editor The Internet. In its most simplified state, the Internet makes platforms. These platforms were once earned and occupied by teachers, scientists, doctors, all of whom are societal authorities that people inherently trust. These platforms are now handed out freely, and we as a society no longer know who to trust. In […]

Gender Does Not Exist

Christian Jordan Skinner Staff Writer Picture a baby boy sitting on the floor. In front of him are two different piles. One pile is comprised of bright pink toys and clothes: Barbies, tutus, etc. The other is filled with blues and masculine toys: trucks, tools, an action figure. The assumption that this baby boy would […]

Top 10 Courses HIU Should Offer but Does Not

Compiled by Kristi Lutz Assistant, Copy Editor 10. Life Skills: Like “Home Ec,” but you can leave your flour baby behind. Flour is used for cooking and baking. 9. Theater: Similar to the course offered by many high schools, but more of a prep for professional theater work than rehearsals for the current play. Forget the idea […]

The Pen Remains Mightier Than the Screen

Brooklyn Jespersen Staff Writer Imagine you are sitting in class and pull out your laptop to take notes, but to your surprise your laptop is dead. Now you are left searching your entire bag to find something to take notes on. There was one easy way to avoid this problem in the first place: take […]