Royals Need a Parking Lesson

Jordan Skinner Opinion Editor One of the nicer things about being a part of a small community like HIU is that we can all, for the most part, bond over the same things. The food in the cafeteria sometimes sucks, parking can be awful, you constantly have to say hi to people as you walk […]

Saving Secrets Revealed

Flex Dollars: If you have over five meals on your plan, you get an extra $100 on your card. This means you have extra money for food at the HUB, and with those prices that money comes in handy.   Amazon Prime: As a student you get a discount on Amazon Prime. This comes in […]

Changes to the 2017 Student Handbook

Brittany Gonzales Assistant Copy Editor Changes and updates have been made to the 2017 student hand book. On page 6 is the Religious Organization Exemption Disclosure, which talks about how HIU has the right the school has to keeping the religious standards of the school. Because the school is a faith based campus it has […]