Defining Political Buzzwords

Dana Petersen Copy Editor Fake News: Literally as it sounds. However, definition varies from intentionally deceptive news, hoaxes, biased reporting, or news that is solely parody. Either way, it is Trump’s go to phrase. Alt-right: Alternative Right. This is a newer term for people with far-right views that deviates from conservatism. However, as time has […]

Jill Stein

Believes the United states should keep its treaties with the Native Americans Believes in a fair tax system Would like to abolish student debt by offering free public colleges and universities. For the inclusion of third Party candidates in presidential debates. Would like to restore the vote to ex fellows Against fracking. Agrees with the […]

Proposition Breakdown

Prop 53 – Revenue Bonds Statewide voter approval Initiative Constitutional Amendment This proposition would require any revenue bonds sold by the state above $2 billion to be voted upon statewide. If you vote YES you are agreeing to the state getting voter approval first before state revenue bonds $2 billion or more go towards any […]

Donald J Trump

In support of the death penalty Believes our prison system is a disaster and needs to be privatized. Supports the use of racial profiling by law enforcement. Supports the idea of churches (churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues) to remain tax-exempt. Would like to lower the corporate income tax to 15%. The success and growth of […]

Reliable Election Resources

Dana Petersen Copy Editor Presidential is a nonprofit organization that primarily strives to provide information in a nonpartisan format. They have been cited in numerous news sources and received numerous awards for their work, as showcased proudly on their website. This particular link provides a side by side of 2016 Presidential Candidate Positions […]