Jill Stein

Believes the United states should keep its treaties with the Native Americans Believes in a fair tax system Would like to abolish student debt by offering free public colleges and universities. For the inclusion of third Party candidates in presidential debates. Would like to restore the vote to ex fellows Against fracking. Agrees with the […]

Donald J Trump

In support of the death penalty Believes our prison system is a disaster and needs to be privatized. Supports the use of racial profiling by law enforcement. Supports the idea of churches (churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues) to remain tax-exempt. Would like to lower the corporate income tax to 15%. The success and growth of […]

Gary Johnson

Supports government involvement from recovering from the recession Bailing out private companies should involve repayment to the government Tax relief for taxpayers rather than only the one percent Against Common Core and tenure from K-12 Against public colleges being free Johnson was formerly for the death penalty, but is now against it. Against racial profiling: […]

Dear Future President

Dear Future President, We would like to start by congratulating you on your recent victory. We can only hope that your term is not as controversial as the election itself. As you begin the presidency there are some things we hope you keep in mind. Every action you take will be analyzed so please make […]

Hillary Clinton

Supports the death penalty Believes the United States should abide by its treaties with Native American tribes. For federal taxes being increased. For tuition free colleges and universities For Fracking. Believes that China is an Economic Military Threat to the US. Against the United States Maintaining its Embargo against Cuba. Believes that the nuclear arms […]