Students Vote on Leadership Merger

Celia Navejas Staff Writer Friday, March 31, ASB President, Tommy Garcia, and Senate Members, Nathan Collier and Stephen Kopp, had a forum for student in the Lambda Lounge for any questions about the merger between ASB and SA into SGA which stands for Student Government Association. This meeting was held at 12 p.m. with at […]

Student Leadership

SA and RA applications can be found on the Information Desk. The deadline for SA and RA applications are 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24. The chosen few will move on to the group interview 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28. They will go through a process of elimination where chosen students will land individual interviews that […]

Fall 2016 Apps Are Out

Dana Petersen Copy Editor Student leadership applications for Fall 2016 have been released this week. Both Resident Assistant and Student Activities Internship Application Packets are available at the Information Desk. Deadline for the applications is Friday, Feb. 26, at 5 p.m. “I think that the student leadership position experience on campus is one of the […]

We Are Leaders Hear Us Roar

Alyssa Heftman Editor-in-Chief HIU seems to take pride in its student leaders and gives a wide variety of opportunities for leadership, but there seems to be a sense of disconnect for students at times in their positions. I am afraid when I hear student leaders unmotivated or frustrated that they feel their voice not being […]

Change Within Student Leadership

Dana Petersen Copy Editor Multiple changes were made within student leadership over the summer including ASB, Student Activities, and the RA team. Members of ASB began their new term this week and are in search of a new Academic Needs Senator. Following their constitution the team will announce the vacancy to the student body and […]