Rework Your Summer Skin Care Routine

Kristi Lutz Assistant Copy Editor Ladies and gents– a good skincare routine should not begin when you are heavily wrinkled and trying to fix the damage of the past. It begins now, and hopefully prevents many of the wrinkles and sunspots that most people feel are inevitably headed towards their skin. Especially with summer quickly […]

Trying Not So Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream

Christian Jordan Skinner Staff Writer Innovations in food are constantly being made. Boundary crossing is vital to discovering new flavor. I mean, we could not have ever discovered the beauty of pineapple on pizza if someone had not paved the way. Nonetheless, it is always a gamble. Sour Patch Kids have tried to make this […]

50 Dates of Summer

DIY movie streaming. Go on a hike. Go star gazing. Hit the beach. Go on an adventure, explore a new place. At home cooking lessons with YouTube. At home chopped competition. Concert in the park. Volunteer together. Go people watching in a busy place. Get dresses up and go on tours of fancy houses. Crash […]

Summer Jobs Are Here

On campus jobs will be available over the summer including the Friendly Center (for federal work study students), the Commons, the Information Desk, and others. Those interested in any of these jobs are to notify Kiersten McCormick, Director of Career Services, by emailing or calling 714-879-3901 ext 1696. Students can also visit for […]